Cursees Studio

We have a good amount of gear as well as a treated room for tracking and mixing in the Fredericton area.  We work with Logic X.  We offer competitive rates for recording, overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering of your projects.


Contact us for a price quote on a project or any other inquiries.


Here is our list of gear: 


A/D,D/A Converters, Preamps

RME Fireface UCX converter (8 channels) 
Presonus D8 (8 channels) 
Soundcraft 400b (24 channels - modded) 
Great River MP-500NV (1 channel) 
ART Tube Pac preamp (1 channel) 



APS Klasik pair
Yamaha NS-10m studio monitors
Avantone Mix Cube powered 
Yamaha P2100 Power amp 


DAW Controllers

Mackie MCU pro controller 
AKAI MPK49 MIDI Controller 
Yamaha DTX450K 
Softube Console 1 (SSL4000 and Neve boards)


Compressors, EQs

ART EQ351 
DBX 160X 
DBX 560a 
Stam Audio SSL G4000 clone 



APEX Tube microphone modded pair
3U Warbler MKVID 
MXL603s modded pair 
MXL990 modded 
MXL2003 modded pair 
Prodipe TT-1 pair 
Shure SM7b 
Shure SM57s
Shure SM58 
Shure KSM137 pair 
Shure Beta 52a 



Addictive Drums 
Addictive Keys 
Addictive Trigger 
Exponantial Audio R2 
Klanghelm plugins 
Liquidsonics Reverberate 2 
Positive Grid Bias 
Softube Tape
Softube TSAR-1R 
Softube Drawmer73 
SoundRadix Auto-allign 
Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins 
Valhalla Room Reverb 
Waves API530EQ 
Waves Kramer Tape 
Waves Schoepps 73 


Fender Stratocaster USA '74 
Fender Telecaster US Special 
Fender Jazzbass USA '64 
FearFul 12/6 Bass Cabinet 
Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 
Handmade pedals 
Line 6 Helix 
Vox AC15C1 with Celestion Alnico Blue 
Yamaha BB1024X